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Have you ever wondered what life could be like with better health? Holly’s passion is to serve, treat, educate, and help people live life with energy and vitality. Her mission is to help you build a path to physical and emotional wellbeing. Holly became a Certified Colon Therapist through the Canadian Natural Health & Healing Clinic in Toronto in 2009. Ongoing education and training continues. Prime Pacific Health Innovations, Vancouver 2015. Mind Body Colonic Centre and Institute & International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) San Antonio, Texas May 2017. Today, she helps hundreds of clients regain control over their lives.

The AquaCleanse clinic is a safe place to open up and explore obstacles to wellness. Illness, trauma, and the fast pace of life can all get in the way of healing. Holly takes the time to listen, gets to know each patient, and works in conjunction with protocols from your MD, ND & other Specialists to alleviate symptoms while addressing their root cause. In so doing, clients have experienced direct relief – and acquired some tools they can utilize to reach their goals, whether it’s losing weight, relieving constipation, preparing for surgery or re-toning after an eating disorder, reducing the need for medication, or simply maintaining good health.

"People know that I care. I offer you practical solutions and tools, and most importantly I give you hope – that you can work towards feeling and functioning better. I put you back in the centre of your own life."

Holly Myers, I-ACT Certified Colon Therapist

At AquaCleanse Hydrotherapy, we focus on “the bottom line,” because we believe that a healthy body begins – and ends – in the colon.

Colon hydrotherapy is a hygienic and relaxing treatment. A safe, gentle infusion of warm filtered water is instilled gently into the large colon. A Colonic session uses no chemicals or drugs, and is alleged to be a highly effective way of managing and deterring a wide range of health problems. This hydrating, soothing, and painless procedure provides relief from discomfort and pain, and rallies gut health and functionality. At AquaCleanse, we administer professional colonic irrigation treatments in state of the art clinic environments using the most advanced colon hydrotherapy equipment in the world. Bedford offers treatments on LIBBE device (open system).

Colon Hydrotherapy

AquaCleanse Hydrotherapy focuses on "the bottom line", because a healthy body begins – and ends – in the colon.

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